What to Buy in February – 6 Items at Deep Discounts

What to Buy in February - 6 Items at Deep Discounts

Did you know that you can save a lot of money on buying items you need, or even just for entertainment and gifts, at certain times of the year? This is especially handy if you don’t mind not having the latest models of items as sales are generally timed with when new models are coming out. So, what to buy in February? Here are 6 items you can find at deep discounts!

What to Buy in February – 6 Items at Deep Discounts


1. Big Screen TV’s – The Super Bowl is usually in the first week or 2 of February, so at the beginning of the month you can score some great big screen TV deals during Super Bowl sales. Sales often continue throughout the month as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has just ended showcasing the latest models of various new electronics, which means stores will be discounting current models to make room for the new models coming in.

2. Chocolate – As we all know Valentine’s Day is February 14th so you may be wondering how on earth chocolate is deeply discounted for the prices you’re paying for your valentine.  The trick is to buy the candy after Valentine’s Day! Stores will be trying to get rid of any themed candy which is a bonus for you as most candies last well over a year, especially if they can be frozen.

3. Beef and Seafood – Having a nice romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s Day this year? The stores sure hope so and they generally order more beef and seafood than usual. If they don’t sell enough, you’re in luck as after Valentine’s Day you can score some great deals and have an awesomely stocked freezer!

4. Cameras and Other Electronics – As I mentioned in the TV section, CES was back in January and all the new models showcased will be rolling out soon. So, not only will TV’s be at great deals, but also cameras and other electronics.

5. Video Games – The boyfriend and I are avid gamers and love spending time together playing video and online games. However, we very rarely are willing to spend $50+ per game twice. Since most games come out just before the holidays, our trick is to wait until this time of year where games that came out a few months ago can be at least 10%, if not closer to 50% off the original price.

6. Boats – It’s freezing here and the last thing I want to think about doing is getting on a boat, nevertheless buying one if I had the inclination. However, since there are a lot of people like me that aren’t interested in buying boats this time of year and the fact it’s boat show season, you can snag boats at a great deal, especially models from last year. It’s also a good time to look for used boats as some may be looking to sell so they can buy the new models.

We hope that What to Buy in February – 6 Items at Deep Discounts has helped you with your February budget – is there anything you’ll be snagging at a great price this month?


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  1. says

    My son just bought a camera over the weekend. They only had it in one color (usually three), but it was half the cost of the regular price. The store clerk told us that this was the end of the 2012s and the 2013s would be on their way. Just like you said!

    • says

      It sure is! I love the look and freshness of fresh-cut flowers but they are so expensive, aren’t they? The days after Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are 2 of the best to get them on sale before they start wilting. :)