Ways to Make Money Wednesday #2: InboxDollars

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If you regularly visit Money Savvy Michelle, you’re sure to see that there are plenty of ways to save money using online resources, but you may not realize there are a ton of ways to make money too!  Don’t expect to get rich overnight, but the sites I feature will definitely help you buy extra special gifts, be better prepared for that emergency, or enjoy a couple extra luxuries you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.  With Ways to Make Money Wednesday, you can expect to see sites available for use to everyone some weeks, and other weeks will be devoted to bloggers.  To see past editions of Ways to Make Money, just go here.

This week I’m covering InboxDollars, which is a site that has multiple ways you can make money.

The Site: InboxDollars.com

What It’s About: InboxDollars is a great site to make money without having to put forth a lot of effort.  The really nice thing is that there is a large variety of tasks you can do to make money, which means you may be able to reach cash out ($30) quicker than other sites.  You can make money simply by reading emails, printing and redeeming coupons, watching videos and more.

How You Can Get Started:

InboxDollars is open to those who are 18+ and there is a limit of one account per household/address/computer.

  1. Go here and sign up (it’s free) by clicking on the Sign Me Up! button and filling out your information.  You’ll even get a $5 signing bonus!  You may have to confirm your email address after registering.
  2. Log in and start making money!
My Experience:  I really enjoy using InboxDollars as it’s a super easy way to make money and you can put in however much time you see fit.  I have received 2 payments in my 1-2 years of using it off and on.
Here are the different ways you can make money:
  • Reading Emails:  I do suggest that if you sign up for InboxDollars that you use an email intended for survey sites, etc. because you will get quite a bit of email from them.  But you get paid for reading them.  That’s right, just for opening up an email and confirming that you read it,which may take 2 seconds, you’ll get $.02.  I suggest accessing the emails they send via the toolbar (which I’ll cover below) because it’ll open a tab from the InboxDollar site that just lists the emails, making it super easy to get through them quickly.  Periodically you’ll get emails with offers from companies that earn you more than the $.02, which is optional, but you’ll still get paid for reading.
  • Watching Videos: This is another task I do quite often.  Most days you’ll be able to find at least 2-3 videos you can watch, which generally last no more than a minute or two, that will contain 2 different numbers you must enter into a confirmation box at the end to verify that you watched the video.  You can get paid anywhere from $.02 -.05 per video from my experience.
  • Printing and Redeeming Coupons: I love the fact that I can print and redeem coupons for groceries and make $.10 per redemption!  The down side is that it does take quite a while to show up in your account.
  • Surveys: I will take a survey now and then from InboxDollars, but it’s not something I do regularly as they don’t always meet my standard for close to $1 per 10 minutes time needed.
  • Toolbar: When you install the toolbar, you’ll receive an easy $1.  You’ll also have quick access to the emails you’ve received, your current balance, and be able to receive up to $.05 a day from 5 unique searches ($.01 each).
  • Shopping: A nice benefit is that you can get cash back from shopping at certain online stores like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and more.
  • Offers: Offers aren’t something I haven really tried out thus far, but they seem like another easy way to make money.  You can make money from the daily survey, from joining clubs and groups, buying magazines and more.  I always caution people when giving out their information for the sake of an offer (if it’s one you pay for or provide a credit card number for), but if you’d purchase the service or item anyway, by all means!   Just be sure of the terms and conditions.
  • Tasks: Tasks are another item I haven’t done much with from InboxDollars. With other sites I’ve had experience with, it’s not something I’d do unless I just had the time as the payout vs time spent usually isn’t worth it in my opinion.  Some tasks available include verifying websites, search results and other information.
  • Referrals: You can also make a 10% bonus of qualified earnings of the people you refer.    Once you obtain a Gold Membership (obtain your first $30 cash out), you can also be randomly selected to have members that join without a referral link be designated as your referral.
Other benefits include monthly sweepstakes where you can get entries through various tasks designated for the month.  Gift cards are popular for the sweepstakes.


Some of the negatives I have experienced:
  • Only current payment method available is mailed check
  • Having to get up to $30 to cash out
  • Must have $3 fee taken out when cashing out, can get it voided if you make an additional $10 in 30 days
  • First payment may take up to a month to process, but once you are a gold member, can be processed weekly
Overall, I recommend InboxDollars to anyone looking to make a bit of extra cash, but as with most things, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.  If you’d like to sign up for InboxDollars, just go here and remember you’ll get a $5 sign-on bonus!


If you have any experience with InboxDollars, please feel free to share below.  Until next week, happy money making and don’t forget to check out my list of survey sites I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet, but are tried and true by MoneySavvyMichelle herself!

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