USPS Ending Saturday Mail Delivery Starting August 2013

I think we’ve all heard rumors over the past few years about how USPS may soon stop delivering mail on Saturdays to help with financial losses, but it’s remained that – just a rumor and topic for debate. Well, this time it’s for real. Yep, the USPS is ending Saturday mail delivery starting August 2013.

USPS Ending Saturday Mail Delivery Starting August 2013


As per this article from The Wall Street Journal, starting August 5, 2013 there will be no mail delivery to homes and businesses. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Here are some quick facts about the changes.

  • No mail delivery to homes or businesses
  • Packages will still be delivered on Saturdays
  • Post office boxes will continue to receive mail on Saturdays
  • It isn’t totally set in stone – congress could still pass legislation where the USPS must have Saturday mail delivery

Are you concerned about the USPS ending Saturday mail delivery starting August 2013? Will it interrupt your routine with services like Netflix and newspapers? Perhaps it’s a bit more personal for you and you or a  family member work at the USPS and will obviously be affected?

I have to say, it really doesn’t bother me that much and is something I am honestly surprised hasn’t already been implemented. It will be sad to see something I’m so used to seeing go and I’m sure I’ll still be checking the mailbox on Saturday’s out of habit for at least an extra month. ;) However, I very rarely mail things anymore – most of my business is done online. We only use Netflix for streaming so that is no inconvenience for us. I also very rarely get important things in the mail – most of my banking is done through PayPal or direct deposits.  I do tend to get a number of packages though, so it will be nice that I can continue to get those on Saturday instead of waiting until Monday like other shipping services – and something I think that will continue to benefit the USPS.


How do you feel about the USPS Ending Saturday Mail Delivery Starting August 2013?


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