Swiss Colony Gift of Plenty Review + Giveaway – Ends 11/27/12

Swiss Colony Gift of Plenty

Happy Holidays!  Being from the South, I’m very familiar with how food is almost always a big part of celebrations and holidays.  That’s why I was elated to be able to review a product from Swiss Colony as it is one of my earliest holiday memory traditions.

Swiss Colony Gift of Plenty Review

About the Product as Per the Website: With 70 treats weighing in at over 6 lbs, there’s something for everyone among the candy-coated pretzels, cheeses, sausages, jams, coffee, nuts, sweets and more.

My Experience with the Product:  As I mentioned above, I was really excited to be able to relive some of my fondest holiday memories with Swiss Colony and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  The thing I really love about Swiss Colony is that you can get a number of yummy treats you don’t see every day without even having to go out.  It doesn’t get much better than having delectable treats delivered straight to your door!  First of all, let me say that the Gift of Plenty is HUGE and you really get your money’s worth.  Let’s just say that I am about 5’3″ and the box came up past my waist!  I love that Swiss Colony continues to use beautiful shipping boxes so that they are truly gift-worthy.

Swiss Colony Gift of Plenty

As you can see, the box did arrive a bit banged up (and Charlie was curious as always), but none of the contents were damaged, even the pretzels.  The box is actually padded and the treats themselves are all in self-contained packaging inside a beautiful box that has extra support for shipping.  I love that each food item is individually wrapped, so that if you’re just buying it as a treat for your family over the holidays, you can enjoy as little or as much as you want a time without worrying about eating everything before it goes bad.  Do note that most of the items, like the sausages and cheeses, do need to be kept refrigerated.

We first tried out the sausages, cheeses and spreads, which I fully expected since the boyfriend is half German. ;)  They make for the perfect appetizer or snack, just make sure you have plenty of crackers on hand.  I was especially a fan of the Stone Ground Mustard and Swiss & Ham spread, which were just as tasty as they were when I was a child.  The honey roasted peanuts were a huge hit and gone in minutes and we both enjoyed the preserves, especially the orange marmalade, the next morning with toast along with some of the tasty coffee.  We usually use french vanilla creamer, so the French Vanilla Creme coffee was a special treat.

With my sweet tooth and memories in hand, I was looking most forward to trying the sweets.  I remember as a young child being at my grandmother’s around this time of year and being presented with her huge box of Swiss Colony petits fours and being so indecisive about which flavor I wanted to pick.  Having two of my favorites, cake and candy, combined into one little treat meant that these quickly became of favorite of mine that I looked forward to sharing with my grandmother each year.

Swiss Colony Gift of Plenty

The petits fours were just as delicious as I remember and I loved that they weren’t dried out like so many cake treats you can get these days.  However, as much I looked forward to the petits fours, they were actually slightly outshined by the chocolate covered grahams and the super delicious peppermint tortes, which is kind of like a petit four on steroids anyway.  I’m glad there were only two in the box as I love peppermint and could have almost eaten my weight of them.  I also enjoyed the candy coated pretzels and love that they are in a tin you can continue to use throughout the years.  The only product that disappointed us out of the whole array were the  gum drops as they unfortunately had very little flavor other than pure sugar.

Final Takeaway: We really enjoyed, and are still enjoying in fact, all the goodies in the Gift of Plenty.  I would definitely buy it again for just the two of us, but I think it would also be perfect for party or house guests as it features a wide variety of treats for everyone whether they like something sweet or savory.  It is certainly worthy of creating holiday memories and traditions or a gift for a person that has everything.

Buy It: Swiss Colony’s Gift of Plenty is available for purchase October 15 – April 15 at $109.95, but as of 11/12/12 is on sale for $99.95!  You can find more information about Swiss Colony products at their website and by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Win It: Thanks to the generosity of Swiss Colony, one very lucky reader will be winning their own Gift of Plenty!  Head on over to the Swiss Colony giveaway post to enter to win through 11/27/12.

I received this item free of charge from The Swiss Colony. No monetary compensation was received or offered, nor was I under any obligation to write about this product. All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts. I am not offering any sales or taking orders for this item. I will not receive any compensation in connection with any sales of this item.


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  1. chelesa sims says

    This sounds and looks yummy. I love imported cheeses and susages. I think the first would be the cheeses . We are big cheese lover sin my house. Thank you for a chance to win this yummy package