Sweeping Sunday #1: Can I Really Win Good Stuff From Sweepstakes?

Welcome to my first week of Sweeping Sunday where I plan to discuss sweepstakes and giveaways: what they are, what you can win, how to enter, how to find them, what works best for me, etc.

The first question I usually get asked is, “Can I really win good stuff?  Isn’t it usually crap or just a scam?” or “I have no chance of winning!”  My answer is a resounding YES you can win GREAT items, and no it’s not a scam!  Now, truthfully, there are a lot of sweepstakes and giveaways out there that have mostly (if not completely) crappy prizes, but just because a sweepstakes is out there, it doesn’t mean you have to enter it.  And yes, there are also sweepstakes that are scams, but you have to remember to be smart and follow my general rule of: does the site look super spammy and do the prizes seem overly too good to be true or do I have to pay to enter? (If yes, DO NOT ENTER!)  I think once most sweepers get a taste of winning, they become of the mind-frame that they have to enter any and all sweeps (I have been there myself), but this is simply not true and if you do try to enter them all, you’ll waste a bunch of time, not to mention get burned out very quickly.

Moving along, to really answer the question of if you can win great prizes, I am going to post a list of some of my winnings at the bottom of this post.  Now, I’m not going to post them all as sometimes I forget to put items on my general win list, and also the page would likely take forever to load if I did.  I also generally don’t put free product coupons on this list, but I would say I’ve easily won at least $100 in free product coupons from giveaways and sweepstakes.  You will notice that at certain times you won’t see very many wins, and this is because I either got a bit burned out on sweeping or didn’t make the time for it.  I used to spend around an hour a day entering sweepstakes and blog giveaways, but since starting my own blog, I may spend a half hour a few times a week entering (something I haven’t been doing much at all this month).  I will also openly say that if I have the time, I usually enter for myself and my boyfriend (if the rules allow) on the sweepstakes I would really like to win.  While this is a practice that some people may frown upon, it’s something that a lot of “serious sweepers” do, but I always use legitimate information (email address, address, phone #, etc.)  In the end, enter however often you feel comfortable with, but yes, you are likely to win more the more often you enter.

To reiterate: I have won approximately $4500 in items just from sweepstakes and giveaways this year alone, and the past couple months I have really slowed down how often I enter!  Some of the newer ones may still be active and you may find them in the sweepstakes section of my site here.

My Wins List:

  1. 5/30/2011 Linksys Router worth ~$170
  2. 5/26/2011 Free Product Coupon for Demet’s Turtles
  3. 5/25/2011 2 sets of movie tickets
  4. 5/4/2011 Tassimo Brewbot coffeemaker worth ~$170
  5. 5/3/2011 Tassimo Coffee Mugs
  6. 4/23/2011 $20 Visa GC (IWG)
  7. 4/21/2011 Smirnoff T-shirt (FB Weekly Entry)
  8. 4/12/2011 $20 Visa GC (IWG)
  9. 4/12/2011 $35 Kroger GC (IWG)
  10. 4/11/2011 $25 Yoga Giftpack (one-time entry)
  11. 4/11/2011 Gourmetgiftbaskets.com Junkfood care package worth $35 (blog)
  12. 4/7/2011 Tota Storage Boxes (Blog)
  13. 4/6/2011 10 MCR points
  14. 4/5/2011$50 Visa Pre-paid Card (IWG)
  15. 4/5/2011 One (1) coupon (value up to $1.09) good for a free 1.5 oz size KIT KAT® Bar
  16. 4/5/2011 ChicoBag Karma Collection (4 Reusable Bags – Blog)
  17. 4/1/2011 bareMinerals Deep Cleansing Foam and a Purely Nourishing Moisturizer (blog)
  18. 4/2011 Make up Brush Set from Allure
  19. 4/2011 2 free products at Kroger’s (IWG)
  20. 3/24/2011 Blog Makeover Package worth $190
  21. 3/22/2011 America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Cookbook (blog)
  22. 3/22/2011 $25 Target Gift Card (blog)
  23. 3/19/2011 Gift Pack with lip blams, bath items, and nail polish worth $18
  24. 3/12/2011 12 coupons for free Honey Nut Cheerios
  25. 3/9/2011 BH&G magazine subscription
  26. 3/9/2011 People Swag Bag
  27. 3/9/2011 Coupon for free Skinny Cow cup x2
  28. 3/8/2011 People Swag Bag x2
  29. 3/8/2011 Coupon for free skinny cow cup x2
  30. 3/8/2011 Bra from Skinny Cow
  31. 3/7/2011 People Swag Bag x2
  32. 3/7/2011 Bra from skinny cow x2
  33. 3/6/2011 People Swag Bag x2 (Included shampoo, conditioner, 2 hair sprays, an AMC Gold movie ticket, Acqua Di Gio cologne, Loreal youth code serum, lip stick, & mascara)
  34. 3/6/2011 Reusable Tote from Biotrue IWG
  35. 3/6/2011 Bra from Skinny Cow IWG x2
  36. 3/6/2011  Coupon for free Skinny Cow Cup from their IWG x3
  37. 3/5/2011 $50 Food Lion GC
  38. 3/5/2011 Bra from Skinny Cow IWG x1
  39. 3/5/2011 Coupon for free Skinny Cow Cup from their IWG x3
  40. 3/4/2011 Stouffer’s Melt & Soup coupon from FB IWG
  41. 3/4/2011 Coupon for free Skinny Cow Cup from their IWG x3
  42. 3/4/2011 Bra from Skinny Cow IWG x2
  43. 3/4/2011 Reusable Tote from Biotrue IWG
  44. 3/3/2011 Bra from Skinny Cow IWG
  45. 2/27/2011 Pop-Secret Swag Bag – Cobra® Digital Personal Camcorder, 3 boxes of Pop Secret® popcorn, one (1) Giant Popcorn Box, 6 boxes of Nestlé® candy and a Netflix subscription (includes: 2 month subscription, 1 DVD out at a time)
  46. 2/26/2011 $50 Food Lion GC
  47. 2/25/2011 a 6.5 or 7oz bag of assorted Jelly Belly Beans
  48. 2/24/2011 Earbuds
  49. 2/22/2011 Life as we Know it DVD & Soundtrack (blog)
  50. 2/22/2011 $15 Kohl’s GC
  51. 2/21/2011 Alton Brown DVD & $10 Foodnetworkstore.com GC (blog)
  52. 2/21/2011 a 6.5 oz or 7 oz bag of assorted Jelly Belly beans
  53. 2/18/2011 Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing gel-cream
  54. 2/18/2011  Green Giant prize pack w/ coupon for Green Giant Vegetables,insulated tote bag, serving bowl, spoon, and pedometer (blog)
  55. 2/16/2011 $15 Kohl’s GC
  56. 2/15/2011 30 MCR (My Coke Rewards) Points from Subway
  57. 2/13/2011 free Stouffer’s Melt & Soup
  58. 2/12/2011 Amazon MP3 worth $1.29 from Dentyne
  59. 2/11/2011 2 months of Netflix with 1-DVD out
  60. 2/8/2011 B&N Nook worth $149
  61. 2/6/2011  La-Z-Boy Chill Chair worth  $850
  62. 2/3/2011 $50 NFL.com GC
  63. 1/31/2011 9 Free coupons for Tony’s Pizza (blog)
  64. 1/30/2011 Pepsi Max T-shirt
  65. 1/20/2011 $10 Snapfish Giftcard
  66. 1/20/2011 Wishbone Dressing & Travel Salad Container
  67. 1/18/2011 Chef Jet Cuisine Pack from Schwan’s worth $52.95
  68. 1/6/2011 12 boxes Honey Nut cheerios
  69. 1/2011 Dove chocolate bar
  70. 2010-2011 16 bags Halls Cough Drops (multiple wins from an IWG)
  71. 12/24/2010 – $10 Office Max gift card
  72. 12/2010 Nail Polish from Allure
  73. 12/8/2010 Audiovox HD Camcorder (blog)
  74. 12/8/2010 $50 OtterBox giftcard (blog)
  75. 11/30/2010 – Wendy’s $5 gift card
  76. 11/28/2010 – xbox 4 gig console with kinect and 2 games
  77. 11/14/2010 – Bag of Hershey’s Drops
  78. 11/5/2010 – Skecher’s Shape Ups
  79. 11/4/2010 – Camembert Cheese
  80. 10-11/2010 16 boxes Pillsbury Toaster Strudels (multiple wins from a IWG)
  81. 10/25/2010 Bag of Green Mountain coffee + traveler’s mug
  82. 10/22/2010 $25 iTunes giftcard
  83. 10/22/2010 Welch’s Garden at Home worth over $300
  84. 10/08/2010 Barilla pasta and sauce
  85. 4/19/2010 $500 check
  86. 2/26/2010 – $10 GC to footbalfanatics.com
  87. 2/20/2010 $10 Restaurant.com giftcard
  88. 1/2010 $10 Dollar General giftcard
  89. 2010 2 soccer balls
  90. 2010 2- $25 Visa Cards
  91. 2010 3 t-shirts
  92. 2010 4 kitchen tongs
  93. 2010 3 basting brushes
  94. 2010 3 spoon rests
  95. 11/13/2009 stoneware pie plate and cookbook (blog)
  96. 4/2009 iPod Touch

Do I have your attention now that you can actually win useful items such as my win of the La-z-boy recliner, $500, and all the gift cards?  Good, check back next week for my next edition of Sweeping Sunday where I’ll suggest easy ways of how you can get started sweeping yourself!

Have you ever won something fantastic from a sweepstakes or giveaway?  Tell me about it below, I love hearing what others win!



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    Nice list of wins! I have a monthly wins post link up that I host with 2 others – so fun to see and share our wins! We do it the last Wed of the month.