Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review and Giveaway Ends 5/12/12 (US/Can)

I received a free Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid in order to facilitate the review below and Rubbermaid is sponsoring a giveaway for one of my readers to win one.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

Rubbermaid Recycler

In recent years, living a greener life has become more and more important to me.  This, of course, means that recycling is one of the biggest things I can do to be greener.  However, since I live in a townhouse without a garage (which I am moving into at the time of this review, so no pictures of my own) and there is just me and the boyfriend, the traditional bins don’t make much sense to use for both space and the fact we mostly eat fresh or frozen foods.  That’s why I was so happy to be able to review one of Rubbermaid’s Hidden Recyclers!

The Product: Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

About the Product as Per the Rubbermaid Website:

The Hidden Recycler attaches to the inside of a cabinet door to collect recyclables out of sight and keeps your counters clear. The bag is durable, machine washable, and made of recycled material. Collect your recyclables and then easily lift the bag from the lid and cabinet by the handle to take them out to your recycle bin.

You can also find Rubbermaid on Twitter, Facebook, and their blog.

My Experience with the Product:

As I said before, recycling is important to me, but I also like to be mindful of space.  Usually the recyclables end up taking over a space on the counter until it’s overflowing.  Not exactly the best way to decorate the kitchen even though soda cans can make for some interesting building blocks. ;)

That’s the first thing that really stood out to me about the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler: you can “hide” it under a cabinet by simply securing it to the cabinet door.  You can secure the recycler permanently with screws or temporarily with the provided hooks, which I really appreciate as a renter.  Plus the bag is soft-sided, meaning it is flexible enough to fit in just about any cabinet.  Being that this is an item that hangs on a cabinet door, you may be concerned about how much it actually holds.  I’m happy to say that for my milk-loving boyfriend and myself, it has no problem holding a week’s worth of items such as 1-2 gallon containers of milk from Costco along with a few small cans and soda cans/bottles.  If you have a family on the larger side, you would obviously likely have to empty it more than once a week.  Emptying is easy though, as the bag comes with a built-in handle so you can easily take it out with you before you head to work, etc.

If you’re like me, you do clean out the containers for recycling, but you don’t dry them or you may have missed a bit of milk.  Luckily, the bag itself has a leak-proof liner and it’s even machine washable so you don’t have to worry about any potential spills.  The recycler also comes with a lid so you don’t have stare at a pile of used containers when you open the door or your kids won’t be tossing them all over the kitchen.  The final thing I really like about this recycling bag is not only is the recycler itself reusable, but it is made from recyclable material and is recyclable.

Rubbermaid Under the Counter Recycler

Final Takeaway: The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler is perfect for smaller families that live in small spaces like apartments, condos or townhomes to keep your recyclables out of view!

Buy It: You can purchase the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler at and in-store at Meijer.

Win It: Thanks to the generosity of Rubbermaid, 1 lucky person is going to be able to win their very own recycler!  Enter on the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.  Legal residents of the US or Canada that are 18+, please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a free Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid in order to facilitate the review below and Rubbermaid is sponsoring a giveaway for one of my readers to win one.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.


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  1. says


    I just wanted to let you know that my prize arrived and it’s beautiful (I know, I should get out more). Now it just needs to be installed. Do not pass go or collect $200 or hold your breath… Thanks for hosting.

    Regards, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeysof TheZoo

  2. Whitney Lindeman says

    It’s important because…sustainability! Keep Earth healthy for future generations, so those future generations may be healthy as well. Earth is good to us, & we should return the favor.

  3. Michelle S says

    It is important to be green to make the world a “healthier” place for my child to live in. Sustainability.

  4. Heather Poindexter says

    I used to live on a farm and it made me feel healthy, now im in the city and not so much!

  5. Heather R says

    We need to take care of the Earth so future generations can have all the benefits that we have now.

  6. Stephanie O says

    Living greener is important to me because I want to leave a cleaner Earth for my kids and show my kids to respect the place where they live.

  7. Debra Sluis says

    Whoa this could turn into a short novel! LOL I was raised in the old-time generation, we didn’t have so much waste! I was taught waste was a SIN. Because what we are given, our food, everything, is a gift, a blessing. So to waste something was to treat it far too lightly. And the saying “waste not, want not” is very true. We have to remember to value our world! Not treat it like it’s “expendable”.

  8. Cyndee Thomas says

    I live as green as I can because I care about the our World. Pollution comes in many ways, help with the ozone layer, leave the trees when possible in growing population areas. Recycle as much as possible. I take my newspapers,cardboard to meals on wheels which makes the non-profit money and they deliver meals to the shut-ins, elderly.We can each do our part.
    Thanks for this eco-friendly giveaway.. I too have limited space so this would be perfect:)