Online Reputation Management for Dummies Book Review

Online Reputation Management for Dummies Book Review

Online Reputation Management for Dummies Book Review


Online reputation is something that has become more and more important in recent years as the internet expands and we start to share more and more online, sometimes having information shared beyond our control. Plus in this day and age we often have the opportunity to “Google” someone before meeting them face to face or even talking on the phone. Whether it’s personal information or about your business, odds are there’s information you don’t want the whole world to freely see, right? That’s why, as a blogger and person that has various other writing oriented jobs online, I was very interested in reviewing the book Online Reputation for Dummies.

The Book: Online Reputation Management for Dummies by Lori Randall Stradtman

Buy Online Reputation Management for Dummies: This book is available for $16 in paperback and $15.20 in Kindle format at

My Thoughts on Online Reputation Management for Dummies: As a child growing up during the years the internet really started to become popular, I quickly learned one very important thing about the internet. Thankfully, it was from my peers and not from personal experience. This important rule was that anything you post online, whether it’s knowingly to the public or as private as an email or text, you should be comfortable with having the whole world and especially your grandma see as there can be mis-clicks, technical difficulties, stolen devices and ruthless hackers. So, I have always tried to keep my “online reputation” in check with everything that I do, but I was eager to learn more.

First of all, I have to say how much I love the “for dummies” books. They are so easy to follow and read with clear outlines and short sections so you can read over multiple instances if needed. Online Reputation Management for Dummies is divided into 6 parts including:

Part 1: Getting Started with Online Reputation (follow the link to preview this chapter online) – This first part contains 2 chapters that discusses what exactly online reputation management is how you can get started with tracking your own or your business’s reputation.

Part 2: Organizing Your Teams – This part with 2 chapters is one of the most important in my opinion for businesses as it discusses building your online team that may represent you and your business as well as a team in the case the stuff hits the fan.

Part 3: Listening is Love – This 3 chapter section is another important one as it discusses how to set up and monitor tools to track your reputation. [break]
Part 4: Establishing Your Reputation – This section was the longest with 7 chapters with lots of great information on how to start building your online reputation and how to really make it shine. [break]
Part 5: Responding to Crisis: Your Step-by-Step Plan – This 3 chapter section is all about when the stuff hits the fan – how to see it coming, what to do when it gets there and how to stand back up afterwards. [break]
Part 6: The Part of Tens – My favorite section of all Dummies books and this one is no different with 3 chapters for 10 ways to create happy fans and other tips.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and know it will be a resource I continue to use as my online business presence grows, though hopefully I won’t have any major crisises to contend with. I’ll stick with the day I accidentally typed porn lo mein instead of pork lo mein on Money Savvy Michelle’s Facebook wall being the highlight “egg on my face moment” of my career. ;) Luckily, you all are awesome readers who found it as hilarious as I did, once I stopped blushing horrendously. ;)

I  was quite impressed that the book went more in-depth with tools for online reputation management far past common ones many of us already know about such as Google Alerts. While I think the book is definitely geared more towards businesses, I do think that anyone, whether it’s someone that just spends a lot of time online, a blogger, or a small or large business, can find a lot of good information in this book. At the very least, it will help you live by one of my favorite mantras – hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the above book to help me be less of a dummy (I feel smarter already!) in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Did this Online Reputation Management for Dummies Book Review make you consider your own online reputation?


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