January 2013 Traffic Report

January 2013 Traffic Report

It’s been a long-term goal for me for quite a while to achieve 50,000 page views in a month and I’m happy to say that I achieved this goal (plus nearly 10k extra) last month! In fact, my traffic was nearly double what it was in December 2012, which is typically one of our busiest months anyway. Needless to say, I am quite ecstatic! So, where did all this traffic magically come from? See my January 2013 Traffic Report below! :)


January 2013 Traffic Report


Top 10 Viewed Posts for January 2013:

  1. 10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  2. 10  Healthy Snack Ideas
  3. Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts: Printable Valentine’s Day Coupon Books
  4. Homemade Yeast Rolls or Bread Recipe
  5. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women
  6. Christmas Humor
  7. Homepage
  8. Easy Oven Baked Barbecue Chicken Recipe
  9. 3 Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Without an Ice Cream Maker
  10. Candied Bacon Footballs

Top 10 Website Referrals:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Direct (Usually bookmarks)
  3. Google (organic – natural, unpaid searches)
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. TheThriftyThings.com
  6. Google (referral – usually for pictures)
  7. CrunchyFrugalista.com
  8. Feedburner (email)
  9. Facebook
  10. Twitter


Top 5 Blog Referrals:

  1. thethriftythings.com
  2. crunchyfrugalista.com
  3. thisflourishinglife.com
  4. tipjunkie.com
  5. skinnyms.com

What I Learned Last Month: I thought that this might be a fun section to include, especially as I look back at these posts in the future. Last month I learned that my traffic really can flourish without a lot of giveaways (or Facebook being a top referrer). I also learned that my readers really love topics that are current – like health tips for the new year and ideas for the upcoming holidays – but that quality recipes can also be popular year round as well.

Since February is an extra short month, I’m not sure I’ll be able to quite keep up January’s traffic. Either way, I’m looking super forward to seeing what the month brings! Between our traffic growing and several wonderful opportunities that came our way in January, I’m certainly motivated and looking forward to what the rest of 2013 will bring!

Thanks for checking out our January 2013 Traffic Report. Did you make your own traffic report? Please feel free to comment below with your link! I love sharing the love with what works for me and seeing how other sites are doing for inspiration and new ideas!


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    • says

      Hi, thank you so much for stopping by! The linky does provide traffic as it is linked to from a few different linky directories. In January I only received about 130 views on it, but I don’t think I really promoted it at all as I have slowly stepped away from being quite so giveaway oriented.

      Content posts have definitely been what most of my traffic is for now, especially when paired with Pinterest. Some of my most popular Pinterest posts don’t even have beautiful pictures, but rather a simple text-based image like the one in this post. :)