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inspirational quote about toxic relationships

Inspirational Quote About Toxic Relationships


Do you have a friend that always seems to be “busy” until they need something? Perhaps you have a family member who openly doesn’t agree with your life choices and is always negative. Maybe you have a co-worker that constantly tries to out do you because of their own insecurity.

No matter the shape or form, I think all of us have had experiences with negative people and over all toxic relationships. In fact, this past week I have been chatting with a friend that inspired me to find an inspirational quote about toxic relationships for Motivational Monday. This friend and her family have had a lot of good news in the past  few weeks that also brought about a lot of change that most would see as a good thing. However, it seemed to also draw the toxic friends out. You know, the ones that seem like they can never be happy for anyone else and suddenly have a reason to be upset with you because something positive is going on in your life. This made me reflect on my own history with toxic relationships, which sadly spans many years.

I like to think that most kids grow up in an environment that is nurturing, positive and over all motivational. Unfortunately, I know all too well that many kids have the exact opposite due to a variety of life circumstances beyond their control. Mom and dad may be too busy and stressed, just don’t make the time, aren’t even there, etc. etc. You’ll never be X, you’ll never do Y, you’ll never have Z. These are phrases I heard a lot during my teen years from those that meant the most to me and even though I knew I had the passion and intelligence to do pretty much anything I put my mind to, those phrases often played in my head instead.

At the time, I didn’t realize just how toxic it was for me to have people like that in my life. The cycle continued as the worse I felt about myself, the worse I treated myself, which others can pick up on and take advantage of you for. You know the type, the ones that realize how hard it is for you to say no and want a ton of things from you without giving you anything in return, etc. etc. Just an overall¬†vicious cycle of toxic relationships. Thankfully, I eventually got tired of it and did just what the quote talks about even though it hurt. A lot.

While I realized things were bad at the time I decided to change things, it honestly scares me to look back at that time in my life at just how toxic some parts of my life were and the effect it had on me. In fact, the side effects are something I still deal with on a daily basis – such as treating myself with the respect I deserve and loving myself like I should and recognizing friendships that are toxic as I usually like to try to help others to a fault. However, giving myself time to let these toxic relationships go, and get over them – mourning them in effect – did amazing things for my overall health and happiness. I never realized I could actually feel peace with myself and life until I did.

Have you had to deal with toxic relationships? Were you able to let go or are you still struggling?


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    I’ve been in a toxic relationship before and when I finally let it go it was a great relief. Sometimes we have to be brave in making decisions about relationships and only then will we realize what we’re missing out in life.