Motivational Monday – Inspirational Quote About Getting Things Done

Happy Monday!  With Christmas just over 2 weeks away, are you starting to feel the stress of getting everything done?

I know I sure am between getting shopping done, planning menus and it being the busiest time of the year for the blog!  That’s why I thought this week’s Motivational Monday would be fitting to have an inspirational quote about getting things done.

inspirational quote about getting things done


I’ll be the first to admit that I am a huge procrastinator.  This sometimes leads to missed opportunities or not getting all the ideas I have to come to life because I simply run out of time.  However, I’ve been trying to lead my life more with the rule that if it’s important, you’ll somehow make time for it, so this quote really hits home for me.

What are some of your goals for the week you’re hoping to get motivated for?


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    I needed that this morning! Fortunately, my Christmas shopping is done, but I still need to wrap presents and clean the entire house top to bottom as we host the holiday festivities. Plus we are working on prepping the house for baby. Ah! So much, but yes, it will get done and it will be better than never having been done! =0)

  2. says

    Great quote! I am determined to have all of my online work completed by Dec 23 so I can take Dec 24-Jan 1 OFF / offline – well at least off/offline from working… I have only taken 2 short vacations this year and I worked part of the time when I was away so it’s about due time for me to take a real vacation, lol…

  3. says

    Oh I so needed to hear that quote today. I started my day WAY late today and feel like just saying, “forget it” and not bothering with much. But hey, at least I got started! This will push me through the rest and I may just get everything done anyway. :)