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About the Author:

Money Savvy Michelle Blog

My name is Michelle and this is my first blog, which officially launched mid-April of 2011.  I’m in my twenties and currently reside in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Newport News) with my boyfriend and cats.

Aside from sharing recipes, tips, reviews and more that I’ve used to live a savvier life, I also enjoy cooking/baking, writing, gardening, animals (especially cats), tech and gadgets, reading, giving back, finding ways to make others smile and laugh, movies/TV, music and the internet overall – all of which you’ll find here on Money Savvy Michelle.

I have always loved writing, taking photos, and helping others in any way that I can, so I am very thankful to be able to combine all of these passions into a daily “job” that I adore here at Money Savvy Michelle.  I say “job” because it feels far too enjoyable to really be work! :)

About the Blog:

Growing up, I lived in a family that had to survive on a very limited budget due to a variety of  health issues.  Because of this I learned at an early age that one must save their money to spend on quality items you need and sometimes learn how to make do with what you have, as if you buy something cheap that will only last a couple uses, you probably won’t have the money to buy something new.  However, figuring out which products and brands are the quality we need so we aren’t wasting money isn’t the easiest task, is it? That’s why Money Savvy Michelle was started – to help others save money (and sometimes even find ways to earn it) and spend money wisely.

While Money Savvy Michelle originally started as more of a deal and coupon blog, since the beginning of 2012 I have sought to instead bring the products, and their uses, I truly love front and center through a variety of recipes, tips, DIY, articles and reviews.

In my journey, I’ve found what seems like an almost infinite resource to help us all be more life (and money) savvy.  With this blog, I seek to provide real information about what has worked for me, so you don’t have to waste your time and effort on things that just don’t work or fit your lifestyle.  My main goal and desire is to help you all learn how to get more for your money so you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about your bank account and wallet and can instead spend that time on what’s really important to you, like family, friends and hobbies.  Besides, I’m all about working (and living) smarter, not harder! :)

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