55 Christmas Craft Ideas

55 Christmas Craft Ideas

One thing I really love about the holiday season are all the super cute crafts and foods I see people making.  I, unfortunately, am not overly artistic, but I loved making crafts with my friends and family as a child and it is a tradition I now keep as an adult.  Here’s a list of 55 Christmas Craft Ideas for you and your family to make together this season and treasure for years to come.

Edible Christmas Craft Ideas:


1.  Snowman Cracker Snacks

2.  Snowman Hot Chocolate Spoons

3.  Tin Cake

4.  Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowmen

5.  Candy Cane Trains

6.  Candy Cane Mice

7.  Cookie Cottages

8.  Candy Cane Snowmen

9.  Gingerbread Face Cookies

10.  Santa and Snowman Rolo Candies

Bonus: Ornament Cupcakes

Bonus: Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls

Other Christmas Craft Ideas:


11.  Christmas Countdown Clipboard

12.  Bendable Elf on the Shelf

13.  Family Handprint Christmas Tree

14.  A Key for Santa Shadow Box

15.  Silhouette Nativity

16.  No Sew Blanket

17.  Christmas Card Puzzles

18.  Upcycling Nature: Rudolp the Red-Nosed Reindeer Craft

19.  Homemade Christmas Ornaments

20.  Jingle Bell Ornaments and Bracelets

21.  Pine Cone Peacock Ornaments

22.  Paper Chains

23.  Sock Snowmen

24.  Handmade Glitter Ornaments

25.  Festive North Pole Signs

26.  Christmas Cardboard Village

27.  Felt Christmas-Theme Ornaments

28.  Ruffled Christmas Tree Craft

29.  Tin Box Clever Christmas Organizer

30.  Joyful Christmas Banner

31.  Paper Bag Reindeer

32.  Cork Christmas Trees

33.  Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpieces

34.  Chenille Snowman and Rudolph

35.   Santa Belt Napkin Rings

36.  Christmas Gift Tags

37.  Felt Stockings

38.  Pasta Christmas Elf

39.  Handprint Rudolph

40.  Rudolph Paper Cup

41.  Tissue Paper Wreath

42.  Ribbon Spool Christmas Candle

43.  North Pole Sign

44.  CD Snowman Puppet

45.  Shooting Star Holiday Card

46.  Eco-Friendly Frosty Ornament

47.  Yarn Pom Snow People

48.  Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

49.  Yarn Snowman

50.  Jingle Bell Garland

51.  Lacey Candles

52.  Christmas Finger Puppets

53.  Fruit Christmas Ornaments

54.  Photo Ornaments

55.  Snow Globe

For even more Christmas Craft Ideas, check out these 25 Awesome Holiday Craft Ideas from one of my fave bloggers – Grandma Juice!

What are some of your favorite Christmas Craft Ideas?


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  1. says

    That is a lot of Christmas crafts! I like doing fun and easy projects with the kids over the holidays so these will give me more than enough ideas. Thank you for sharing all these.