50 Mix-Ins and Toppings for Deviled Eggs on National Deviled Eggs Day

deviled egg topping ideas

Happy National Deviled Eggs Day!  I’ve always wondered why one of my favorite side and app’s dedicated day – National Deviled Eggs Day on November 2nd – wasn’t during the Summer or at least around Easter.  However, who am I to complain when I have another excuse to enjoy deviled eggs? ;)

The thing I love about deviled eggs is that you can really change up the flavor and even make a fancier deviled egg all based on an extra ingredient or 2.  Be sure to check out my Southern Style Deviled Eggs recipe for my favorite go-to recipe for deviled eggs.  Without further ado, here are some fabulous mix-ins and toppings for deviled eggs.  Be sure to chop mix-ins finely, but I would do so by hand so they don’t get mushy.

50 Mix-Ins and Toppings for Deviled Eggs:

  1. Pickles or Pickle Relish
  2. Onion
  3. Gherkins
  4. Bacon
  5. Cayenne Pepper
  6. Shrimp
  7. Green Onion
  8. Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  9. Bell Peppers
  10. Fresh Herbs – Especially Dill and Chives
  11. Smoked Salmon
  12. Olives
  13. Sour Cream
  14. Roasted Red Peppers
  15. Cheese – Especially Feta, Goat or Cheddar Cheese
  16. Chorizo
  17. Roasted Garlic
  18. Sliced Jalapenos
  19. Steak
  20. Capers
  21. Horseradish
  22. Ham
  23. Crab Meat
  24. Greek Yogurt or Cream Cheese
  25. Caviar
  26. BBQ – Shredded
  27. Paprika
  28. Creme Fraiche
  29. Chutney
  30. Hot or Tabasco Sauce
  31. Different Types of Salt
  32. Chilies
  33. Different Types of Mustard
  34. Beets
  35. Citrus
  36. Asparagus
  37. Curry
  38. Truffles – Not the chocolate kind unless you’re feeling adventurous ;)
  39. Avocado
  40. Cumin
  41. Worcestershire Sauce
  42. Chicken
  43. Wasabi
  44. Various Flavors of Mayonnaise
  45. Pimento
  46. Celery
  47. Chipotle Powder
  48. Anchovy Paste (Don’t knock it until you try it – anchovy is actually in a lot of dishes  without tasting fishy!)
  49. Water Chestnuts
  50. Prosciutto (Can be fried to be like bacon!)

What are your favorite toppings or mix-ins for deviled eggs?


  1. orchid4rose says

    I LOVE deviled eggs and I make them a lot!
    Here are a few more suggestions for add in’s!
    Red wine vinegar,
    rice vinegar,
    Italian dressing (gives it a good zip),
    green taco sauce,
    ranch dressing,
    green chilies,
    soy sauce,
    teriyaki sauce
    The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Just open your cupboards and fridge and start tossing stuff in!!!

  2. Melinda Dartmann says

    Alot of these mix-ins or toppings I have used. But …I must say you have a few here I never thought of LOL

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