14 Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Whether you’re a fan of savory pies, sweet pies or something in between, it’s hard not to love pie, isn’t it? While I will admit that I do enjoy cake a bit more than pie, I certainly can’t say no to a slice of sweet potato pie and a creamy chicken pot pie is one of my favorite meals. Did you know that March 14th (3/14) is Pi Day? I have to take a moment to say thank you to whoever was smart enough to associate pies with the π  – thank you!

What’s your favorite part of a pie? For some it’s the filling, for others, like me and the boyfriend, it’s the buttery flaky crust. Can you believe that as a kid I actually didn’t really like pie because I was used to not-so-great tasting frozen pie crusts? Luckily as I got older and more confident in my cooking, I started making my own pie crusts and now love pie all the more.

Will you be making  delicious pies for Pi day? Here are 14 pie recipes for pi day if you haven’t made up your mind yet!

Dessert Pies:

1. Apple Pie – It’s as American as apple pie, after all.

2. Quick and Easy Coconut Cream Pie – This is one of my favorite pies and while I like making it from scratch, this is my super quick and easy variation and perfect for Easter as well.

3. Lemon Meringue Pie – Another light and colorful pie that fits Easter well. I love lemon desserts!

4. Peach Pie – This is my favorite peach pie recipe. The Peaches and Cream pie is also delish!

5. French Silk Chocolate Pie – Light, silky and just perfect for any chocolate lover.

6. Cherry Pie - While not one of my favorite flavors, the boyfriend probably would never forgive me if I didn’t include his favorite. ;)

7. Sweet Potato Pie – As a southern girl, I had to make sure sweet potato pie was in here somewhere. ;)

Savory Pies:

1. Taco Pie – This recipe looks easy and totally kid friendly!

2. Chicken Pot Pie – This is the recipe I got inspiration from for my own very favorite chicken pot pie recipe.

3. Beef and Guinness Pie – I’ve had delicious beef pot pies before and this similar pie sounds perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

4. Shepherd’s Pie – Okay, so this may not be a traditional pie, but this recipe is hearty and flavorful and perfect for cool weather. We often make it with beef instead of lamb.

5. Greek Meat Pie – I love Greek food and keep meaning to try this one day.

6. Quiche Supreme – Even though it’s not called pie, there’s no denying that a good quiche is pie-worthy.

7. Mushroom Pie – I hadn’t really thought about mushrooms and pies before, but this sounds so good!

Happy Pi Day!

I hope you enjoyed these Pie Recipes for Pi Day – what pie will you be making?

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